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Less Gronks Going To Maccas Now They Play Classical Music

It's not uncommon to stumble across the occasional feral in a Maccas store.

They like to make their presence known by loitering, causing a dramatic scene or stinking the place out with their pungent and persistent body odour. 

One particular Maccas in West London saw 71 instances of crime in 2017 and needed to go to drastic lengths to repel gronks from causing a ruckus in their stores.

Their solution? Blasting classical music. 

Not only does Beethoven calm everyone the frick down, but it also wards off any delinquents that would dub classical music "uncool."

They've also removed free Wi-Fi from the store so there's less incentive for people to loiter. 

A similar tactic was used when classical music was played in stations on The Underground which was said to have soothing effects on people's moods.

Could we soon hear sick-ass sympany's being pumped across dodgy aussie Maccas stores? 


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