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Man Bashes Date for Not Looking Like Profile Picture

We all know that everyone picks the best looking photo of themselves to be their profile picture. Well that's what one woman, Xiaojin Tuan, 32, did on her online dating 'WeChat' profile page. However when she met up with Huang Mao for a date, where he spent 3500 pounds on flights to get there, he was furious with her unexpected appearance. According to him her 'fat face and spots' was not what she looked like in her profile picture. 


He said "I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was ingrained in my memory. So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked. This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo.’

Upon this discovery he started an argument with her, for deceiving him, before punching her in the face and stomping on her once she had fallen to the ground. Staff broke up the fight and the pair was arrested.


A police spokesman said: ‘The couple were detained and the woman was given medical treatment'.

‘She has decided not to press charges and they parted on friendlier terms although both vowed never to do online dating again.’

Source: Metro

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