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Man Brings Tinder Date Back To His, It All Goes To Hell

It's been a while since we've had a bad Tinder date story, and boy are we back with a bang - literally.

Taking to Reddit, one unnamed American man explained how the night had started innocently enough - as innocent as a hook-up can be - with a girl he brought back to his place.

He did have one caveat, though.

"I told her earlier she had to go before bedtime cause I have to get up early for work," he said. 

"She asked me if she could stay for dinner and I said ok then she passed out and when I tried to wake her up to ask her to leave she said "no... I'm too tired."

So he did what any decent bloke would do - gave in.

"I'm a pretty nice guy and I hate confrontation," the Redditor continued.

Except that when the next morning rolled round, the chick was still point blank refusing to leave his house.

She wasn't budging, like, at all.

The poor bloke eventually had to call the police - yes, really - who rocked up and began taking a closer look at the woman.

And that's when it all took a turn for the much, much worse; not only had her car tags expired two months earlier, a quick search revealed that she had already stolen her Tinder date's watch, some of his mail and a few other bits from around the house.

Obviously she was arrested and the guy was finally free to go to work, but let this be a lesson to you all.

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