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Man Fined For Urinating In Bottle On A Flight With No Toilet

A man on a three-hour Ryanair flight from Leeds Bradford to Faro in Portugal was slapped with an AU$140 fine after opting to urinate in a plastic bottle due to the planes toilets being broken.

Staff confronted the man after it's alleged that some of the urine splashed on one of their jackets.

Vision of the confrontation obtained by The Sun shows one of the male flight attendants asking the man, "If I go and pee on your luggage, would you like it?"

A witness by the name of Sue Francis, 57, who was sitting opposite the man, says that the front toilet was out of use and the two rear toilets all eventually stopped working.

She continued to say the man couldn't hold it any longer and went to the front of the plane where the cabin crew sit for privacy.

It was there where the man was caught by a staff member and issued with a fine, due to the "aviation offence".

The witness continues saying, "The young lad was absolutely desperate for the toilet and he did the right thing by trying to do it out of people’s view.

"They were trying to get him to fill in a form but he wasn’t willing to and things started to get more aggressive."

Police were called to wait when the plane landed and the man was let him off with caution.

Read the full story at The Sun, here.

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