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Man Punches Woman To The Ground Outside Grocery Store

The search is on for a man who knocked out a woman during an argument outside a Venice Beach grocery store.

The incident was captured on a security camera, showing a woman in a black shirt engaged in an ongoing exchange with the man. The argument inside the store needed another customer, who looks to be a friend of the woman, to step between the two to defuse the situation.

According to LAPD Sgt. John Marquez, the pair didn’t know each other personally but recognized each other from a disagreement earlier in the day at a festival.

When the woman exited the store, she waited for the man to leave. The exchange briefly continued outside before the man turned around and punched the woman to the ground.

Onlookers were shocked, one person tried to hold the man in a headlock but was shaken loose.

Sgt. John Marquez said detectives have identified the man and are looking for him, and when caught he will be charged with assault.

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