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Man Tries To Kill Spiders With Blow Torch, Burns House Down

We understand that a lot of people get freaked out by spiders, but one man has tragically gone WAY too far.

An American man decided he wanted to get rid of some spiders underneath his mobile home, but instead of using spray, a pest controller, or hell, even a broom, this guy simply decided to use a BLOW TORCH.

The home soon caught fire and 23 firefighters were called to extinguish the blaze in Tucson, Arizona.

The inferno forced the man and an elderly woman out of their home, which was completely gutted.

Firefighters say they saw the elderly woman being carried out of the burning home by her son and neighbours.

Tucson Fire Department confirmed that the woman suffered minor injuries, and the Red Cross is now assisting the two people displaced by the fire. 

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