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Mercedes Corby Feels Sorry For 'Cocaine' Cassie Sainsbury

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Studio 10's Sarah Harris, Schapelle Corby's sister Mercedes has spoken out about Australians trafficking drugs overseas.

'Any Australian caught up with drugs smuggling overseas... The ones that do it for a bit of extra cash, I don't understand,'

'We're not from Africa, we're not feeding our whole families, we're not paying for generations of schools to make a bad choice.'

'But I still feel for anybody imprisoned anywhere in the world.'

Mercedes also offered Sainsbury's family advice after she was sentenced to six years jail for trying to smuggle cocaine out of Colombia.

'It is hard for the families. They just have to stay together, be there to support Cassie,' she said.

'Having strong supportive family and keeping her up to date with the outside world and giving her something to be happy about when she is released, something to look forward to, will help them all... You have to be strong.'

Schapelle Corby was arrested in 2005 after Bali customs found 4.1 kilograms of marijuana in her body board bag.

She was convicted of importing the drug and sentenced to 20 years prison, before she was eventually released on parole in 2014 before returning to Australia earlier this year.

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