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MMA Fighter Shits Himself On The Mat

On the list of things NOT to do before a heavy cage fight, visiting a CHILLI festival has to be at least top 10.

Which is, unfortunately, something Travis "The Brown Bomber" Wolford found out the hard way; the MMA fighter was forced to tap out of his bout with Daniel Cooper after suffering explosive diarrhoea on the mat.

If you watch the video carefully you can actually see the exact moment shit gets real, so to speak, when Travis attempts to flip himself over and instead lets go of his bowels.


Like a car crash, though, Travis doesn't realise straight away, standing up and tracking it across the floor until his opponent - and the audience - notice.

"Honestly, I tried to hold it in as best I could, it just didn't work out too well," he told BJPennDotCom afterwards.

"When I tapped I didn't tap because of the guillotine choke, I tapped because I didn't want to get it on him."

We cannot even imagine the walk of shame back to the changing room.

What a champ.

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