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Mums Are Going NUTS Over $49 K-Mart Beach ESSENTIAL

For pretty much everyone down here in Oz, a day trip to the beach is practically like going on a mini holiday.

You have your mum and dad packing up everything but the kitchen sink frantically in the early hours of the morning and loading it all into the car, all for a few hours of fun in the sun.

The list usually includes double the amount of towels than you really need, a litre of sunscreen, the sun shade, every piece of sporting equipment lying around your house, snacks know, just the essentials.

But the worst part about it all? Having to carry around everything while trying to find the perfect spot to set up on the sand. (You practically need to be a bodybuilder to survive that sh*t!)

Well to all parents who are already feeling stressed about the upcoming Summer season, we have some very good news for you! K-Mart has come up with the BEST solution to your over-packing problems.

It's called the Foldable Beach Trolley and it is said to be the miracle you have been waiting for. And this convenient cart doesn't just help you transport all of those belongings, but it can actually be multi-purpose.

Lynn Cleave, a mum of four, has raved about the trolley, explaining just how useful it was on her latest trip to the beach.

"First trip with the Foldable Beach Trolley to the beach! Perfect for a tired baby at nap time. Carried 2 families worth of belongings down to the beach fairly easily", she wrote on the 'K-Mart Mums Australia!!!' Facebook page.

And it seems that the feelings about this K-Mart treasure is mutual, with other people sharing the multiple ways that they have used their beach trolleys.

"We live on a farm and I use ours to cart the kids around whilst feeding all the animals," said one mum.

Another said, "It's not just for the beach though - we will be taking it camping with us and I think it's perfect for the local markets too."

You can get your hands on one at K-Mart stores for just $49!! So don't be surprised the next time you go in for a pair of socks and come out wheeling one of these bad boys behind you.

That is if you can get your hands on one! Limited stock is available and they have been selling out quick get in there ASAP and make all of your beach trips a whole lot easier!

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