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New Party Game Is 'Cards Against Humanity Meets Pictionary'

WARNING: graphic language

Is it just me, or are games kind of making a comeback?

Cards Against Humanity spurred a movement that meant people were getting back into games again.

The naughtier and more hilarious, the better. Described as ‘the messed up love child of Cards Against Humanity and Dictionary’, ‘Gutterhead’ is the game your cupboard is missing.

Gutterhead came about after two broken cars stopped fiancés Zac and Kate from getting to a big New Year’s Eve party.

As they returned home armed with takeaway and some bubbly, the couple cracked out the Cards Against Humanity.

They had also spent the Christmas period playing Pictionary with the family, so as they cracked out the obscene cards for Cards Against Humanity, an idea began to grow. What would a combination of the two games look like?

The result, is Gutterhead.

The goal is to out-draw and out-guess the competition, with words that have a less-than-clean meaning.

One teammate draws the filthy-minded word while the other teammates guess what it is before their opponents do.

To give you an idea, some of the words include: ‘morning glory’, ‘human centipede’ and ‘pearl necklace’.

Skills in quick thinking and doodling all things dark and dirty bodes well in this game where only the filthiest minds can hope to succeed.

Get yours at Amazon.

Source: UNILAD

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