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New Pictures Show Jay Z Isn’t Leaving Beyonce’s Side

She’s one of the most hard working women in the industry and fresh off Beyonce’s surprise release of Lemonade the singer is spending most of her time preparing for her tour.

She’s currently in Miami where The Formation World Tour will kick off tonight and Beyonce has been putting in 14 hour days in the lead up to the show.

All while facing massive amounts of scrutiny from the public since she released Lemonade, an album full of hints that Jay Z cheated on her.

However the famous couple have been spotted together during rehearsals, riding on a golf cart and while Beyonce looks pretty serious and even glum, it’s Jay Z who is grinning from ear to ear.

Maybe it’s because he has yet to feel the wrath of the Beyhive, a group of Beyonce’s superfans.

So far they’ve turned their anger towards the women who are believed to be the ones Jay cheated with. Both rita Ora and Rachel Roy have taken some seers online abuse over this whole drama.

If this escalates any further and the fans eventually DO turn on Jay Z, we can bet he won’t be smiling like this for long…

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