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New Twist In JonBenet Case Changes Everything

An explosive new report in the case investigating the death of JonBenet Ramsey does not support a former prosecutor’s decision to clear the child’s relatives in her death.

This information is going public for the first time since the 1996 killing, and references a third person’s DNA, which contradicts the excusing of JonBenet’s family members.

Basically, when JonBenet was found deceased in her home, she had three DNA samples in her underwear and long johns.

A joint report by the Boulder Daily Camera and local news station 9NEWS analysed exclusively obtained lab test results and reports in the homicide that remains Colorado’s most closely followed unsolved murder two decades after the six-year-old beauty queen was found dead in the basement of her family’s home.

Former District Attorney Mary Lacy concluded that a DNA profile found in one location of the girl’s underpants and two on her long johns necessarily belonged to the killer, which used to clear JonBenet’s family of suspicion back in 2008.

But the evidence, experts told the Boulder Daily Camera and 9NEWS, revealed that the DNA samples recovered from the long johns came from at least two people in addition to JonBenét.

That’s something Lacy’s office was told, according to documents obtained by the news organisations, but a fact that Lacy did not mention when clearing the Ramseys. The new information is that the third person’s genetic markers have never been publicly revealed, according to the report, which also raises the possibility that the original DNA sample recovered from the underwear could be from a number of people, not just one.

It’s for that reason that the DNA has never pointed to anyone, because you’re ultimately searching for a person that doesn’t exist, as you’re combining three DNA samples to create one.

Furthermore, two of the three samples that prompted Lacy to declare that no one in the Ramsey family could be JonBenét’s killer actually appear to include genetic material from at least three people: JonBenét, the person whose DNA profile originally was located in her underwear during testing beginning in the late 1990s and at least one additional “as-yet-unidentified person or persons,” the report found. “Consequently, its meaning is far from clear,” according to the report.

And the presence of that DNA on JonBenét’s undergarments, whether from one or multiple people, may be entirely innocent, the experts concluded, saying they could have been the result of inconsequential contact with other people or transferred from another piece of clothing.

“If true, it would contradict the assertions that DNA will be key to finding JonBenét’s killer,” according to the report.

William Thompson, a professor of criminology, law and society at the University of California, said it’s “certainly possible” that an intruder killed JonBenét, but he doesn’t think DNA evidence proves it.


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