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New ‘Uber’ Rival to Deliver Champagne to Lure Customers

Is this the future of taxi services? 

Uber has a new international rival and if their marketing strategy pulls off, we would definitely want to see 'Gett' expand to Australia. 

One of its prestige offerings? Verve Cliquot delivery - champagne flutes included! What's more... they are promising it in ten minutes or less.

We'd say it trumps Uber's ice cream delivery... we are still a little torn on whether it beats puppy and kitten delivery, however!

As well as being a taxi, Gett also has the intention of acting as a delivery service, partnering with everything from pizza, sushi to flowers and of course champagne. 

With more than $200 million behind the company already, this is no pipe dream. 

As more companies join the market, the ability to have anything or anyone driven straight to your door becomes ten times easier - and as the market becomes more saturated, cheaper. 

Uber has also delved into food delivery in certain markets of the US, while we are beginning to see similar companies enter the Australian market with Eatnow and Menulog becoming increasingly popular. 

But the ability to team this up with a taxi service as well could take it to new heights. 

Would you like to see Gett or a similar service open its doors in Australia? 

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