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Newly Single Zayn Malik Did WHAT At Kylie Jenner’s Birthday?

When you're in the public eye, your every move is watched and judged. 

Last week, when 22 year old singer Zayn Malik broke up with his fiance Perrie Edwards ALL eyes were on him. 

So, when he favorited one of Kylie Jenner's racy social media pictures last week (below), everyone was talking about it!

Whether Kylie noticed Malik's favourite on her tweet or not is another question.. we're guessing not because he was one of 63,000! 

On Sunday night, newly single Malik was ALL smiles as he left her birthday bash on sunday night. 

However Jenner, who's 18th birthday bash was probably the most extravagant ever, already has a boyfriend, Tyga, who reportedly gave her a brand new white ferrari. 

And below, Kylie's very emotional reaction to her boyfriends EXTREMELY generous gift! Don't think you'll be getting lucky there sorry Zayn! 

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