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Nicki Minaj Is NOT Happy With Her Smartass Fans

It's been a while since we've heard new music from Nicki Minaj, and it looks like we MAY need to wait a while longer! 

Her last album, The Pinkprint, was released in 2014 & her fans have been begging for details on new music. 

Finally, Nicki took to Twitter this morning to announce the release of a new single, The Way Life Goes. 

Clearly fed up with the begging, Nicki followed up the announcement by saying "No more complaining."

However, her fans continued to taunt Nicki about how impatient they feel waiting for new music - to which Nicki responded "Should I put a stop to it? One more smart tweet sis!!!"

That's when things got ugly. 

Nicki is now threatening to contact streaming services to pull the plug on the single's release.

She seems to have simmered down after another fan told her how grateful they are for new music. They wrote, "You SPOIL us!!! The Kingdom is forever grateful!" to which Nicki responded "More like it."

Just goes to show, flattery will get you far!

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