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Nodding Your Head Is Attractive, Apparently

If you're a sucker for the resting bitch face, take note.

A new study reckons the key to looking more likeable is nodding your head more.

Sounds bizzare, but it's bloody ~science~ so it can't be wrong, obviously.

The study was conducted by getting a bunch of people to watch videos of people nodding, shaking their head or not moving at all, then rating what they thought. 

The results? A polite nod of the head to makes you almost one third more likeable, and makes you 50% more approachable.

"We concluded head nodding motion is treated as information regarding approach-related motivations and enhances perceived likeability," Professor Jun-ichiro Kawahara, co-author of the study, said.

What's even more surprising shaking your head side to side was found to have zero effect on the ratings for likeability and approachability... So THIS won't make you look like a bitch. 

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