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THIS Is The Most Unattractive Thing Guys Can Do After Sex

Sex is not all rose petals and scented candles, as you're probably more than aware; there are odd noises and funny moments and many, many condom* mishaps.

So when it comes time to get down, you've gotta go into things with an open mind and be willing to forgive the occasional unexpected moment.

Except, apparently, if you're a bloke and you do one, particular thing; a recent study has revealed what it is that guys do after sex that turns their partner off - immediately.

And no, it's not leaving their socks on or farting or falling asleep straight away or getting up and leaving straight away or calling you by the wrong name, either.

It's bragging about making a girl orgasm.


According to the paper, published in the Journal of Sex Research, a hefty portion of men measure their masculinity on their performance in the bedroom; getting a girl off can be a nice little boost to the ego, but boasting about it can "ruin things" - mainly because he has just made her thing all about him.

The news comes (pardon the pun) hot on the heels of another study, which revealed the average time couples spend having sex is just 19 minutes, 10 of which are dedicated to foreplay.

That same piece of research, though, also discovered that an incredible 89 per cent of couples have managed to orgasm at the same time.

Surely that's worth bragging about, no?

*Use them, guys. 

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