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Parenting Expert Says 'Do Not Wrap Your Baby Like This'

Parenting Author Tizzie Hall has come under fire after giving "very disturbing" advice about babies in car-seats.

She recommended using a 100% cotton Baby Origami wrap when placing a baby in a car seat, but according to experts - this is not safe.


Kidsafe Queensland posted on their Facebook warning their followers that the advice is inaccurate.

Just seen VERY DISTURBING information on a website. DO NOT UNDER...

Posted by Kidsafe Queensland on Saturday, July 4, 2015

The current Australian guidelines warn against swaddling babies in car seats: "soft padding, including blankets or wraps (including infant swaddling), inside the harness is likely to introduce slack into the harness, increasing the risk of injury."

Harnesses should fit the baby snugly and be adjusted accordingly.

A rug or blanket should be placed over the baby once it's secure.

Ms Hall didn't respond when contacted by the Daily Mail.

Source: Daily Mail

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