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Possessed Doll Wanders Around The House Scratching Family

In a bizarre, real-life version of Chuckie, a family in Peru are claiming to be haunted - and tortured - by a doll, which they swear is possessed.

The Nunezs spoke to CEN about the creepy-as doll, which they call Sarita, explaining that they hear strange noises throughout the night and that, despite having placed her elsewhere, have often found the doll sitting at the dinner table when they wake up.

Even scarier is their claims that Sarita is actually physically affecting them; one of the children spoke about waking up with random scratches and bruises, while his sister told the film crew that she hears something banging in her wardrobe at night.

Hands up who else isn't sleeping tonight?

Well it gets freakier; the family reckon that the doll starts praying when pushed, albeit quietly.


A medium went through the house to try and help the terrified Nunezs and is allegedly that blue-eyed Sarita has "awoken the spirit" of someone who killed themselves many years ago.

During her investigation, the medium made her way through every room in the house, detecting a "presence" in the very room that the woman died in; when she then attempted to rid the doll of any "bad spirits", bright lights were seen shooting through the air.

If we could use emoji right now, we'd be using the bug-eyed one, followed by the poop one.

Why don't they just THROW OUT THE DOLL?!

You can check out the full segment in the video above.

Sleep tight!

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