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Are you a daredevil foodie up for this ultimate challenge?

Calling all foodies, daredevils and risk takers - do we have a delicious challenge for you.

This is your chance to take on Australia's finest professional eaters in the RASHAYS Ultimate Aussie Eat-off, at Rashays Top Ryde on Friday 29th September at 12:30PM.

We are looking for 5 people to go up against these competitors to eat as many ULTIMATE PARMY-LASAGNES in 10 MINUTES as possible!

RASHAYS and KIIS FM will be hosting the event from 12 til 1pm, so come on down and enjoy the entertainment, plus all attendees will receive FREE giveaways including balloons and colouring-in books for the kids and free memberships and vouchers for adults.

Also, we’ll pick 2 worthy additional competitors on the day to join the Ultimate Aussie Eat-off!

All participants will receive a FREE RASHAYS Rewards membership and a $50 RASHAYS voucher to enjoy at any of their 25 locations.

The ultimate winner will be awarded a Year's Supply of Rashays Schnitzels - a massive $500 voucher!

To enter, participants need to fill out the online form here:

And to try the Ultimate Parmy-Lasagne for yourself, head on over here:

Or book yourself a seating now by calling 13000 13000.


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