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Research Shows Younger Siblings Are The Funniest

When it comes to siblings, usually everything is turned into a competition. Who's the tallest; who's the smartest; who's the most athletic...

Well it seems that you can stop competing on one account, because research has surfaced crowning the younger sibling as the funniest! (And as a younger sibling myself, I can vouch for this...I'm hilarious)

Apparently, it is believed that those younger are often the entertainer of the family and love being centre of attention, while those older are more restrained and responsible.

A British research group has looked at the personalities of both younger and older siblings to determine to what extent this list of characteristics is true for both age groups.

What they found was that indeed younger siblings tend to see themselves as the jokester of the family while older siblings see themselves as the more successful and organised one.

The reason why is that they believe that younger siblings tend to not be as disciplined by their parents and they're used to having the spotlight as they've always been the 'baby' of the family.

On the other hand, older siblings end up being more responsible because they usually have to care for the younger sibling and the result is that they're more mature.

And well it's hard to argue with scientific research....But if that isn't evidence enough, take a look at this list made by the Guardian of comedians who are younger siblings.

We've got Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Ellen Degeneres and Charlie Chaplin who are all part of the younger sibling crew.

That's damning evidence I'd say...I always knew I was destined to be a comedian.

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