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Should Sydney Relax Laws On Pet Dogs On Public Transport?

A new study from the University of Sydney has found that a whopping 95 percent of people would be happy to allow pet dogs onto public transport.

Those surveyed said they would do more activities with their doggo mates if they were allowed on Sydney buses and trains, after it was revealed that there was a surprising high number of dog-related car trips in a city that is among the highest for dog ownership in the world.

39 percent of Sydney households own a dog, with University of Sydney researcher Dr Jennifer Kent revealing, “There is compelling evidence of the links between companion animals and human health. So we wanted to know how much human-dog time is reliant on a car, and what role public transport could play to encourage this bond and activity,” said Dr Jennifer Kent,

“Based on our research sample of dog owners, we estimate that there are approximately 2.4 million dog-related trips in a private car carried out in Sydney each week,” said Dr Kent.

“If dogs weren’t restricted from riding on public transport, this high number of car trips for dogs could be reduced. The benefits would extend far beyond fewer cars on the road, by potentially getting people moving more with their dogs and socially connected,” said Dr Kent. T

“Increasingly in Australia we are seeing dogs welcomed in public places apart from the park and other recreational areas. More dogs are accompanying their owners to outdoor bars, cafes and other public spaces, as people are discarding the notion of the dog as a stay-at-home animal,” said Dr Kent.

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