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Should You Pay Your Uber Driver To Return Your Lost Phone?

An Uber user has shared their anger on social media after his driver demanded payment for returning the iPhone he left in the back seat.

Alvin Teo asked his Uber driver to return his phone that he left behind after a 14 minute journey, but he wasn't willing to do any favours. 

"This phone may be very important to you, but it's not to me. It's not my fault but your mistake. How much are you willing to pay me to return your phone?" the driver said. 

“If it’s just RM100 ($32) then just forget about it because it’s not worth and I don’t want to waste my time over other’s mistake.

"It’d be better if I just throw your thing into the dustbin," they threatened.


The driver said they'd return the phone for RM200 ($65).

"Do you want it or not? Don’t waste my time, I want to continue driving for Uber,” they said.

Eventually Mr Teo agreed to pay the driver.

Teo's Facebook post is now dividing the internet with many claiming he's been blackmailed and should call the cops. On the other hand, many believe it was fair for the driver to demand the money as returning the phone would have affected his revenue for the evening.

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