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Snapchat Babe Bri Teresi Stars In "White People Crazy" Video

The track "White People Crazy" by Rawcus has been used everywhere online, mostly on videos of epic fails and people hurting themselves, and even on recent presidential debate clips, of course featuring Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

With lyrics like, "Farmers markets, comic books, doing yoga, becoming cooks, Star Wars, Starbucks, cookin meth, car stuff... Got ADD, OCD, EDM and Techno, Do picnics, game shows, high fives and 'Hey Bro!!!'" Rawcus takes a comedic aim at all the different ways white people are crazy, making sure to keep his face hidden at all times!

But the people in his new video for "White People Crazy" are definitely not hidden, featuring numerous Instagram models and Snapchat Queen Bri Teresi, sure to take this track to a whole new level of fame since she's posted it on her Snapchat. Take a better look at Bri, below.

Rawcus has labelled the video on YouTube with 'adventures of Donald Trump and Rawcus Part 1', hopefully we can be expecting more to come!

Watch the video at top and see more of Bri Teresi below!

My beauty comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind.. 💦 📸 @kingofcandids

A photo posted by 👻Snapchat Queen: BriTeresi (@briteresi) on

Tag 🍑 lovers ☺️🔥 @erika_turbucz

A photo posted by 👻Snapchat Queen: BriTeresi (@briteresi) on

Bri is the one on the left, if you were wondering...

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