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Snapchat Horror Film Will Ensure You Don’t Sleep Tonight

If you're easily spooked, look away.

One of our favourite social networks, Snapchat, has had a short film made about it, but the result is terrifying...

Entitled 3 Seconds, it's a self-proclaimed "Snapchat horror short film", where the main character, a sleeping woman, wonders whether she's part of a harmless prank or something more sinister...

The filmmaker, Alex J. Mann told The Daily Dot: "I asked myself, 'What's the scariest possible thing that could happen on Snapchat?' A few things came to mind: 1.) Receiving a Snapchat from yourself, or someone impersonating you. 2.) Receiving a Snapchat from a dead person, but I've already covered that in Green Dot. 3.) Receiving a Snapchat of you sleeping. Number 3 felt like the most applicable for a film."

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