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'Stranger Things' Offers Up Smthn Sweet In Season 3 Teaser

Netflix just dropped a hella cryptic teaser for Season 3 of 'stranger things'.

What do you think is the quintessential hang for kids in the 80s? Man, its a Starcourt shopping centre.

If you were expecting any really major hints about any storyline or supernatural badassery, you're shit outta luck. The teaser is deadass just a really weird commercial for the 'Starcourt Mall' which is expected to be a massive hit in Hawkins, Indiana.

Reading between the lines here, it seems that Starcourt may be a recurring location in Season 3, moving on from the arcade in previous seasons.

Total heartthrob, Steve Harrington is working at the food court’s nautical-themed ice cream parlour alongside newbie to the show, Maya Hawke, who will play Robin.

The 'Starcourt Mall' is set to open in Hawkins “next summer”, suggesting that we may not get the third season of Stranger Things until U.S. Summer.

Keen to see what they do next!

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