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Stupidly Lucky Man Wins Lotto TWICE In ONE DAY

Reports are flooding in about a man in South Carolina who has done the unthinkable. He won the lottery not once, but TWICE in one day.

His first win would have made anyone’s day, $131,147 straight in his pocket - and it seems mind boggling to think he did EVEN BETTER, scoring a cool $262,295 on the second ticket purchased that day.

This is how we did it:

The South Caroline Education Lottery said the man has been playing the Palmetto Cash 5 daily drawing game for more than a decade, and he purchased a ticket for the January 30 draw.

According to the same report, the men then drove three miles to an EZ Shop store, where he bought a ticket with the SAME numbers, but paid a little extra for the multiplier.

The man’s ticket matched ALL five numbers in the drawing, equaling $393,442 in total, thanks to the multiplier.

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