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Sunnylife Have A BRAND NEW Range Of Blow-Up Birds

When you go shopping and begin seeing the new bikinis and blow-up pool toys on the shelves, it’s pretty much official… summer is coming.

For many of us, nothing says ‘summer’ like the sight of long-necked swans in the water, and fun-loving Aussies gliding around on them.

It really is the perfect picture.


So when we saw the brains behind ‘those’ swans you see in almost every summer instagram post had released two new birds to the blow-up flock we cheered - and shed a patriotic tear for one Aussie new addition.

In addition to the classic white or pink swans, you can also get them in pearl, rose gold and banana palm print - but even more excitingly, you can score the new luxe ride-on COCKATOO and stunning blue peacock.

That’s literally summer in blow-up form.

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