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Sydney, There’s An Event Where Zombies Are EVERYWHERE

If you’re a fan of the ghoulish and the downright frightening, no doubt you spend your free time looking opportunities to get your freak on.

Well, we’re got a ‘Fear Of The Walking Dead’-style treat for you.


For six years now, rotting zombies have dragged their limbs around Sydney for the annual Sydney Zombie Walk, a free event that helps to support The Brain Foundation.

It’s this Saturday, October 29th. You need to meet at Belmore Park at 3pm, right next to Central Station, the walk actually starts at 4pm.


Make sure you get your free ticket if you’re 16 or older - and most importantly, make sure you look SCARY as sh*t!


(I have it on very good authority that a few drops of red food dye into chocolate sauce makes for excellent, very believable blood.)

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