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Sydney, We Have a 70's Themed Milkbar With One Cent Lollies!

Talk about a step back in time!

A brand new milk bar has opened up in Sydney, but it looks like it's been transported directly from the 1970's!

Milk Bar 2223 in Mortdale looks exactly like the old school shops you used to go after school to spend your pocket money on choo-choo bars and a lime spider!

Complete with classic retro decor and memorabilia including pinball machines and board games, Milk Bar 2223 also sells ONE CENT LOLLIES!!!


They also make old-fashioned malted milkshakes in frozen aluminium cups, and tea is served in tea cups with tea cosies, and there is an all day breakfast menu.

There's even an old menu board showing prices that are guaranteed to make you miss the 1970s.

Milk Bar 2223 is in Mortdale, on the corner of Balmoral and Bowman streets, jump on your malvern star or skateboard and check it out!


Daily Mail

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