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Sydney, You Can Now Borrow A Pet From This Website

Do you wish you could have a pet but can't because you maybe live in an apartment or you are too busy to give a cat or dog the full attention it deserves?

Well, some clever clogs have come up with the perfect solution where they offer you an animal that you can 'rent'

A website called Lend A Pet gives people the opportunity to 'borrow' a pet for a day, weekend or even a whole month!

They offer pet owners who may be too busy, or are perhaps going on holiday to put their beloved pooch or kitty online and people can then offer to take care of them, or even just take them for a walk.

The Lend A Pet folks will then match the appropriate pet to a 'borrower' who is usually living in a nearby suburb!  

They make sure that that all owners and potential borrowers are screened first so all of the animals are are guaranteed to be taken care of.

So, if you like the idea of having a pet but can't make that full commitment, this is the site for YOU!

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