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Ghost Forces Terrified Family Out Of Their Own Home

A terrified family have been evacuated from their home by police after allegedly being attacked by a knife-wielding GHOST.

According to The Daily Star, the family, from Puerto Montt, Chile, contacted the emergency services out of sheer desperation; the attending officers reported seeing floating objects and said that the ghost "attacked them with a knife" while they were in the house.

"In a surprising way, a spatula fell, there were several broken glasses, mattresses outside," said Corporal Olavarria of the Sixth Police Station. "When I called the devil to leave the place, I was going out the front door, I felt a knife that grazed my back, but I had a bulletproof vest."

But there seems to be some confusion about the supplied footage, with many pointing out that the supposed Chilean haunting video looks suspiciously like a video filmed in Ireland in 2015.

Chilean police obviously believed the family though, helping them find alternative accommodation until their pesky poltergeist problem gets sorted out.

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