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The Amazing Reason This Dads Photo Of His Son Is Going Viral

7-year-old Carter Gentle has already undergone five open heart surgeries due to a congenital heart defect. 

However after his most recent procedure, an emergency procedure to repair his pacemaker, Carter looked in the mirror and sobbed over his scarred appearance. 

So his father, Mark Gentle, a Country singer, turned to Facebook. 

Mark posted a photo of Carter's Chest and captioned it: We told him that his scars are beautiful and make him look like a superhero. How many likes can Carter get for his bravery?

Initially hoping his Facebook friends would see and respond to the post, they were shocked to see the post climb from 5,00 to 50,000 to 200,000 likes in the first day. 

Mark then decided to turn his phone alerts on loud, just to encourage Carter and show him people supported his bravery. 

Talking to TODAY, Mark said before he posted the photo, Carter "went down to the bathroom to look in the mirror and he just started sobbing. He said 'People are going to think I'm ugly. My scars look horrible'. As a parent, it just tears your heart out. As much as that kid's been through, the last thing I ever want him to worry about is his scars". 

Now, the post has over a million and a half likes and Gentle says he's been flooded with thousands of comments and Facebook messages from people wanting to share their scars and their stories with Carter.  


Source: LittleThings

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