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The Bizarre New Sex Trend That'll Make You Say WTF?!

Think you know everything there is to know about the beast with two backs?

Well think again, because Cosmopolitan have topped even themselves with their latest how-to on - wait for it - PENIS MILKING.

Pompoir is the act of squeezing, contracting, pushing and pulling the muscles in your vagina in a variety of ways to stimulate your man's peen during intercourse. 

Kind of like kegels but more intense, it's not an easy trick to master BUT it can help with more than just pleasure; strengthening your vaginal wall can also help with incontinence and general bladder's health.


"Pompoir focuses on four different motions - squeeze, contract, push and pull," penis milking expert Denise Da Costa explains. "The different motions make a more complete workout and allow the woman to better control the intimacy between her and her partner."


One of the exercises Da Costa is currently frothing on is called twisting but, fair warning, when she lays it out, you'll wonder how the heck you could ever get your hoo-haa to move that way.

"The easiest way to explain this is if you hold a pen between your thumb and pointer finger," she says. "You then move them in opposite directions, twisting the pen.

"You do the same concept with your vaginal muscles on your partner's genitals."

Apparently some of the other exercises can manipulate the penis enough to make it feel like you're "caressing" it, while "squeezing" is more kiss-like.

To be completely honest we're still doing that twisting thing with the pen and wondering how the heck we're supposed to get our down-theres to play ball.

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