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The ‘Creepy’ Royals Home Video That’ll Give You Chills

Pretty much everyone loves the Royals, well, the fresh generation led by Kate and Wills, anyway…

This was only furthered when gorgeous George and Charlotte come along - and since then, we’ve been hungry for photos for the tots as they grow.

We haven’t been disappointed.

Kensington Palace have been very generous in their sharing of Royal family photos and videos, with a fresh video being released off the back of their trip to Canada.

However, it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as you might think.

The clip is being dubbed a ‘horror’ home video, as dark, slow-motion clips are teamed with an ominous soundtrack that seems more like an In Memoriam video than a family holiday video.

During the clip, Prince George is seen chasing bubbles and Kate is holding Princess Charlotte as they pat small animals.

It should be a happy video, but instead, it feels morbid, as though we’re looking at people who are no longer with us.

Social media erupted following the release of the video, showing surprise that Kensington Palace would release a video with that look and feel.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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