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The Horrible History Surrounding The New Block Apartments

The run down, haunted motel that is the focus of the 11th series of Channel 9's reality TV series The Block has a horrible history... 

Several years ago, the octagon shaped building housed a horrific and brutal rape by a self-proclaimed Vampire. 

Male prostitute Shane Chartres-Abbot was accused of raping a female client staying at the hotel in 2002. 

According to, the woman was found by hotel staff half conscious in the shower of her room with blood bubbling from her mouth, bruising to her neck and jaw, teeth marks on her thigh and part of her tongue had also been ripped out. 

Chantres-Abbott was shot outside his home before his trial concluded. 

It is understood that the room in the extremely run down South Yarra property where the incident took place, no longer exists. 

In NSW, real estate agents must disclose a property's dark history however in Victoria, where the hotel is located, agents only have to mention a crime has take place if asked. 

A channel nine spokesman did not clarify with whether or not the couple renovating the floor of the crime scene would know about it. 


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