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The HUGE Problem with These Condom Wrappers

A condom wrapper is causing serious confusion amongst social media users, according to The Sun Online.

The image, posted on Reddit, shows a condom with the words “Go further without consent” - preceded by a random donut cartoon.

This has puzzled many online, confused with what the meaning is meant to be.


One user wrote: “What. What is it trying to say? I know what it says, ‘Rape!’ But what did they think it said?”

Another added: “I actually read that as 'go further without consent' wtf”.

But, it turns out, the slogan isn’t as controversial as it first appears.

The donut actually stands for “do not”, making the true meaning “do not go further without consent”.

The condoms are for sale with customised condom maker ‘Say It With A Condom’.

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