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The Last Blockbuster In Sydney Is Closing This Week

In the days before Netflix when hardly anyone had pay TV let alone the internet, you had just one place to source your home entertainment...the local video store!

And in the 90's the two kings of video and DVD rental were Video Ezy and Blockbuster.

Both chains had stores all over the country and Friday night was usually the time when families would try to get in early to check out the new releases before they all got rented out!

However, fast forward to 2017 and renting a DVD is about as high tech as a black and white TV or a cassette player. 

So you can imagine our surprise when we discovered there was still one single solitary Blockbuster in Sydney!

Unfortunately having struggled on gamely in the face of changing times, the final franchise at Mount Annan, is set to close its doors forever.

Adrian and Helen Smith have run the store for nearly 20 years.

“We’re actually the last original tennant apart from Woolworths at the centre,” Adrian told the Wollondilly Advertiser.

“Our lease renewal is coming up and unfortunately there is just not enough business to take on the commitment.”

“I think there has been a real generational change compared to 10-15 years ago,” Mr Smith said.

“There’s the convenience of digital downloads, Foxtel, Stan and Netflix – even Youtube.

“Us little independents just can’t compete.”

Mr Smith is sad to see the end of an era.

“Those are some of our greatest memories.”

“It has been a wonderful 16 years,”

“People have been overwhelmingly nice about it. They have been saying that the store was a huge part of their childhood or they remember heading down here on date nights to choose a movie."

Wollondilly Advertiser 

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