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The Mov'In Bed Cinema Is OFFICIALLY Open

Imagine lying on a super snuggly double bed under the stars with your best friend/ mum/ bae, surrounded by twinkly fairy lights and watching a cracking movie.

Dreamy, right?

Well the geniuses behind Mov'In Beds have taken all your crazy dreams and made them a reality with a gorgeous outdoor cinema in Parramatta Park - and it's officially open, as of Friday March 3.

The insanely sick set-up boasts 150 beds which you can book for singles, doubles or triples, all in front of an enormous screen.

And we are frothing on the movies; there is quite literally something for everyone, with Oscar-nominated flicks like Lion and La La Land sprinkled in between classics like The Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park.

There are specially curated family and kid nights too during the Easter holidays, which should keep the little ones entertained over the break.

You can find the full program, which runs from March 3 through to April 23, on the Mov'In Bed website, where you can also grab your tickets.

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