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The New Apple Update Could Really F*ck Up Your Phone

Hot on the heels of the news that Apple's new iOS release is set to gift you with a tonne of new storage, experts have revealed that up to 200,000 apps could become useless with the update.

According to tech whizzes at SensorTower, "approximately 187,000 or about 8 per cent of the roughly 2.4 million apps on the App Store worldwide" may not be compatible with iOS 11, which will only support 64-bit smartphone architecture.

Older phones - like the iPhone 5, which is also rumoured to be hitting the scrap heap - use 32-bit software, as do a number of older apps.

And that, SensorTower say, could be a problem.

"It's likely that Apple is aiming to reduce the 'bloat' and increase the performance of future iOS versions on new 64-bit devices with this (potential) move," they wrote.

Rumours that Apple were moving to only support the faster-running programming began in February 2015, after the tech juggernauts told developers that all new apps should only be written in 64-bit.

People still clutching onto older iPhones should still be able to use the otherwise-obsolete apps but our advice?

It may be time to find new favourites.

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