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The NEW Fast & Furious Teaser Will Make You Cry

When Fast and Furious 7 hit cinemas - not long after the untimely death of lead actor Paul Walker - fans were dealt an unexpectedly emotional storyline that reduced pretty much everyone to tears.

And it looks like we're in for another crackingly "love comes first" theme for the eighth installment, if the latest trailer is anything to go by.

Clips of the various characters driving those cars we've all come to know so well are interspersed with rather strange to-camera pieces by each of the actors; Vin Diesel intensely informs us that "the open road can take you anywhere", "to love or adventure" adds Dwayne Johnson, before Tyrese Gibson reminds us that "no matter how our adventures grow, The Fast and the Furious is always about one very important thing.


It may not be exactly what we were expecting but we're still excited. 

And slightly emotional, if we're being honest.

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