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The New Snapchat Update Is Proper Bullshit

Say goodbye to Snapchat as you know it.

Snapchat have unveiled the latest app update and users are already calling for it to be reversed.

The Stories page – where you would go to see photos and videos from friends, available for 24 hours - has completely vanished

Instead, both Stories from friends and personal content live together on the same page. 


The response has been mostly negative, with many dubbing the new layout confusing and impractical. 

Meanwhile, over on the Discover page, in amongst news stories there is a random mix of popular stories thrown in.

The new update is said to be off the back of a report from The Daily Beast which revealed that Snapchat's biggest features, such as Discover and Snap Maps, haven't delivered any growth - and the app as a whole is on the decline.

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