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The One Simple Thing That Could Help You Lose Weight In 2017

We’ve all experienced that not-so-pleasant feeling after overindulging a little too much over the festive period.

But before you start any crazy fad diets or spend hours sweating it out at the gym, there is one simple thing you could do to help shift those extra few kilograms gained over the festive period.

It’s called meal prepping.

Prepped by 🍴@amircannon Meal 1 - 140g minsley steel cut oats, 2 slice Ezekiel bread, 1 banana, 2 Fuji apples, protein shake. Meal 2 - 8oz @FlavorGod garlic lovers 93/7 ground turkey, organic pasta sauce, 105g brown rice, Ezekiel bread. Meal 3 - 8oz New York strip, 8oz steamed sweet potato, broccoli. Meal 4 - 8oz grilled chicken breast, pineapple, brown rice. Supplement - Post workout protein shake. Meal 5 - 230g @Flavorgod Pizza! egg omelette. Q & A: Q:Isn't eating the same thing everyday boring? A: Nope. Check out one of my favorite pages @mealprepdaily for ideas to add variety to your meal plans. Q: How often do you eat? A: I start around 7:00 am and eat every 2-3 hours from there. Q: Do you freeze your meals? A: No, I only refrigerate them. Never have problems doing this. Q: Why don't you freeze your meals? A: For a few reasons: 1. I personally believe you don't need to, ur call here. 2. I'll forget to thaw the meals one day, it's bound to happen, then what? 3. For a prepper the only space smaller than the space in the refrigerator is the space in the freezer. Q: How long does it take to prep these meals? A: Usually takes me about 2 hours, but about 4-5 hours at first. Q: How does the food taste after a few days? A: I've found that food properly stored tastes the same on day 1 as it does on day 5. Q: What kind of containers do you use? A: @mealprepdaily containers. Q: Do you reheat your food? A: Yes, (containers - BPA free) microwaved. Q: How can I figure out my calorie / macro requirements? A: I would check out or Q: What do you eat the other 2 days? A: Lean meats / sushi / brown rice / veggies. Just within the same macros. Q: Can I just copy your meal plan for myself? A: You should create your meal plan based on your goals and body type.

A photo posted by 🍴 Meal Prep Daily (@mealprepdaily) on

And all it involves is you planning and cooking your food in advance so you can grab and run in the morning.

The food organising craze has become huge, thanks to Instagram and clean eating.

Spicy chicken and coconut brown rice 🍚 . Prepped by 🍴 @omn0mnoms

A photo posted by 🍴 Meal Prep Daily (@mealprepdaily) on

There are so many benefits for keeping your food organised ahead of time, including helping you to eat regular portion sizes and stopping you from eating junk or processed food.

It also saves you a lot of money, not to mention time, as you only have to clean up ONCE A WEEK, and not every day.

So if you’re going to make any New Year’s resolutions this year, make it to meal prep.

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