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The Reason Rat Numbers Are Up Across Sydney

The number of rats around the CBD is so large that the City of Sydney is now looking at ways to try and track them to their hiding places around the inner city.

The unprecedented level of rats on our streets has been put down to the high amount of construction around the CBD.

With the high rate of transport and building works in and around Sydney at the moment it's believed the vermin may be stirred up by all the activity.

A City spokesman has told the Daily Telegraph:

“An unprecedented number of major demolition and construction works — including the Sydney light rail, Barangaroo, and developments on Martin Place and George Street — have been occurring throughout the CBD, stirring up rat populations and leading to increased rat movements,”

Over one thousand baits have been placed in 36 parks across the city - including Hyde Park where construction at the ANZAC memorial, Museum Station and a major development at 130 Elizabeth St, is attracting large amounts of rats.

The spokesman said that “new methods to track the rats to their burrows and nests, so that baiting and control measures can be more targeted,” are being implemented.

Liberal councillor Christine Forster drew attention to the issue at this weeks council meeting saying the infestation is “getting a little bit out of hand”.

Cr Forster said “A highly visible vermin infestation is not a great look for a global city,” 

Daily Telegraph

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