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The Six Subtle Ways To Figure Out If You're Dating A Cheat

The only way you can TRULY know if someone is a cheater is if you actually catch them in the act, but some relationship experts reckon that there are a few tell-tale traits that could give you a heads-up about a possible adulterer.

Olga Levancuka, author of How To Be Selfish, told Daily Mail that there are six subtle tells that separate the cheaters from the faithful.

"The sooner you can identify these traits, the sooner you can take steps to move on and protect yourself from getting hurt," she added.

So what do you have to watch out for?

1. Narcissism

Apparently, a partner who is more into themselves than you is quite likely to stray; the thrill of getting attention from and being admired by a new love is more important than your feelings, and a lack of empathy means they probably don't care.

2. Insecurity

It sounds counter-productive, but someone with high levels of insecurity can require a constant need for attention and love, and may not feel that they're good enough. That can lead to looking for a "back-up plan", or searching for approval elsewhere.


3. Greed

If Bae is a "grass is greener" kind of guy/ girl, it could, for obvious reasons, point to a proclivity for promiscuity; they want it all and they want the best - and that goes for everything.

4. Flirty-ness

OK flirty-ness isn't a word but the point still stands: people who love to flirt get a buzz out of that cheeky-as exchange, and that need for validation can often lead to an affair.

5. Deception

A history of lying should give anyone cause for wariness - although that doesn't mean they're definitely doing the dirty. As Olga herself says: "Not all liars are cheaters but cheaters are always liars." 

6. Suspicion

According to the experts, if your partner keeps accusing YOU of cheating, it could be because it's a reflection of their own feelings. And if they're feeling the urge to stray, they could be paranoid about your behaviour as a result.

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