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The Sneaky-As iPhone Trick That'll Play Your Music LOUDER

The internet is flipping out over a nifty little trick that allows iPhone users to play their music a lot louder.

The tip was first shared by Twitter user TheBae, who posted a step-by-step guide demonstrating how switching to "Late Night" mode can increase your speaker volume dramatically.

Captioned: "Thank meh later", the simple tip has been re-Tweeted more than 85,000 times.

All you have to do is select "Music" from the drop down in "Settings", tap "EQ" and then choose "Late Night" from the list that appears below.

"You are amazing. I just want to hug you," one user wrote, while a second added: "Wow!!! Five iPhones later and just learned something new. Thank you!"

The reason "Late Night" works so well is because it tones down the loud sounds while turning up the quiet parts; that makes it all easier to hear what's happening, giving you the musical experience you truly deserve.

You're welcome!

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