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The Surprising Sex Trend That Donald Trump Inspired

We're all for sexual experimentation and fetishes, but a sexual trend kicked off by Donald Trump? Even we're not necessarily up for that.

We're talking about golden showers, and yes, the niche fetish community has been peeing all over each other for years now, but Trump seems to have given it a resurgence into mainstream social media as #goldengate.

In the lead up to the US Presidential Election, leaked information revealed that now US President Donald Trump, watched Russian sex workers urinate on a bed.

Since then, the internet got curious and people who weren't in the know started Googling. As a result 'Golden Showers' re-emerged as a popular search term, with Pornhub stats showing a massive spike of 289% on the day the story broke.

Stats for the search term have since remained strong, showing that people are returning to the search consistently, perhaps new lovers of the otherwise niche and kinky activity.

Urophile's, as they are formally known, are drawn to the activity usually because it is naughty or forbidden, the warmth or the extra wetness, the intimacy, or the power play that it inspires. For whatever reason, they simply need urine present in some way in order to become aroused or reach orgasm.

If you have a golden shower fetish, we suggest not to spring it on your new partner without warning though, that might not go down too well.

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