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The Witness Account The Entire Internet is Talking About

When it comes to eye witnesses, some are hard to not fall in love with (and consequently end up on Ellen) and some we would rather forget.

There was the 'Apparently' kid, who the world fell in love with (and who really did end up on Ellen)

and the 'Chk Chk Boom Girl', Clare Werbeloff, who we'd probably all rather forget.

But today, we've come across an eye witnes who takes the cake, or the burger - so to speak.

Courtney Barnes is a Jackson resident who witness a police chase and gave a very thorough recount of the accident to reporters.

Barnes was en route to Burger King at the time, but said that after she saw the car 'twist around like a tornado, girl!', lost her hunger.

See the amazing footage for yourself...

Video via BestNewsBloopers Youtube

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