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There Is Literally A 'Book Of 100 Penises'

If you're a lover of the dong, the schlong, trouser snake, willy, wang or whatever you want to call it, then this is the book for you.

Laura Dodsworth is a photographer, or at least that's her excuse for photographing 100 penises for her book, 'Manhood, every penis tells a story'.

And boy, are there some stories...

The books participants are aged between 20 and 92 and featuring people such as a teenager who wrongly thought he had genital warts and considered killing himself, as well as a business leader whose small penis taught him humility.

Dodsworth says what surprised her most about the whole process of photographing and interviewing the participants was the shame and anxiety many men feel about the size of their manhood, and how this affected other parts of their life.

"One word for penis is manhood, so it seemed a perfect starting point to talk about being a man."

h/t: Cosmopolitan

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