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The Reason Why Your Partner Always Steals The Doona

You're either a doona-stealer or you're the one waking up at 2am, shivering and without a scrap of blanket to be seen.

But now science has gotten involved with an actual reason as to why you - or your partner - can't help entangling themselves in every corner of your bedspread - and it all has to do with your stuffed toys.

A study of more than 2,000 people carried out by Best Mattress Brand found that people who grew up cuddling dolls, teddies or blankies have since substituted the snug-buddies with their doona.


And it's not just an increase in grabbing the covers, either; peeps with "childhood nighttime companions", as the research calls them, are more prone to waking frequently throughout the night, tend to toss and turn more often and have a better chance of talking in their sleep.

Logically, the study makes sense, doesn't it?

If you're used to clutching something to drift off and you're no longer bedding down with your teddy bear - shout-out to anyone still hanging with Ted - of course you're going to go looking for a substitute.

So basically what we're taking from this is that, if your boyfriend or girlfriend can't get through the night without rolling away with your doona, buy them a stuffed toy.

Problem solved.

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